Rosyna Lakdawalla

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface but always paddling like the dickens underneath,” Rosyna Lakdawalla, owner of Personal Touch salon, quotes Michael Caine. Rosyna has been in the profession for the past 32 years, is a licensed cosmetologist and a trained beautician from the United States of America. She started off with a small set up at home but now has 30 girls working for her. She is also a mother of three and claims that she has never had to choose between motherhood and work.

Rosyna admits that there were several challenges to face along the way but with persistence and focus, she managed to raise her 3 children and also earn the love of her clients and respect in the market simultaneously. “I have always handled so many jobs at the same time. It is not easy being an administrator, a mother, a wife and training girls who work for me.” The key, for her, is to be positive, wear your blinders and keep going. “Sometimes, one of my key girls would walk out on me. I would hire them, train and teach them, take care of them but they would just leave without even a notice. That still happens but, with time, I have learnt how to covert my challenges into my strengths,” explains Rosyna.

Family support has been everything for Rosyna and according to her, she would have been nothing if it weren’t for their help and contribution. “My family and I have worked as partners. My parents and my husband did a lot when the kids were young. The kids were a part of my work; they would pitch in too and take care of each other.” Therefore, she feels her family is to be thanked for making her an emotionally strong and financially independent woman. She is so passionate about her work that she takes work to be a source of joy for herself. “My ‘me’ time is work time. I am very comfortable when at work and I get my highs from there.” Therefore, it is of no surprise that her Miracle Moment is every time she does a hairdo well. Conceiving an idea and then achieving it just as well as she had imagined gives her a sense of pride.

Rosyna is a firm believer of the fact that if she is happy, she will manage to keep everyone around her happy. Her contentment is the reason behind her stable home environment and successful business. Therefore, she practices meditation post salon hours and spends ample time with her family to relax and unwind. For her, one looks younger when one feels younger. Therefore, one must pursue his or her passion to be happy.

Rosyna Lakdawalla wants to let all young women stepping into the workforce know that if she could do it, so can they. “The sky is the limit. Just go out there and get what you want!” After all, dreams don’t work, unless you do.