Samila Kamila Khan

Saima Kamil Khan is an embodiment of what a woman can achieve when she is fully comfortable with her womanhood. “I am not a feminist,” says Saima. “Both genders have something special to them. I don’t think that men and women are equal. There are things where women take the lead and things where men are better.” She believes that only when a woman is comfortable with that thought will she be able to reach the pinnacle of excellence. “Women are blessed,” she says. “We can multitask, we can be multidimensional and we can juggle situations which will leave men baffled.”

Saima feels that there is always a constant struggle for balance. Whether it’s the balance between family and work, balance between the several roles a woman performs at home, or the balance between assignments at work. As the Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Communication for ICI, Saima lives that balancing act every day. Her job is a tough one which demands her to be on call 24/7 and endure the ability to solve multiple complex problems at the same time. But after conversing with her, it is clear that she is up to the task. Saima does however believe that mindsets need to be challenged. It is astounding that even in today’s world people will trust a male lawyer more than a female lawyer irrespective of track record and experience.

Saima thinks we have constructed lifestyles that demand that financial independence should be a must. We have converted our wants into our needs which means that for relationships to work out, both the man and the woman need to be financially independent or they will not be able to satisfy their internal wants of pleasure. Saima doesn’t shy away from confronting the norms. She accepts that while ageing is an enriching experience in terms of wisdom, the physical affects can and should be challenged. “A woman should look beautiful. Which is why I take a lot of care of myself. My dadi raised me and she always used to take care of herself. I have gotten it from her perhaps!” From eating healthy to using beauty products, Saima ensures that her inner and outer wellbeing are calibrated at all times.

Saima urges young girls to believe in themselves and find mentors who can guide them through life. “While you will always learn life by trial and error and grow as a person in the process, it is important to have a mentor so you can learn from the experience of others as well. I understand now, after ten years of having a mentor, how important it was for my growth.”

 With the level of comfort Saima has with her herself, the contentment she exudes and the optimistic approach she has towards life, it is clear why she is a Ponds Miracle Woman.