Aysha Hasan

Aysha personifies the spirit of resilience that is the hallmark of every successful woman. She is the Head of Executive Search at Prime HR and a mother to a twelve year old daughter. The balance she has brought in her life between being fiercely independent and nurturing loving relationships is an embodiment of the miracle woman of today. “It was difficult yes, but never impossible”, proclaims Aysha as she speaks about the struggles of a single mom juggling a child, a home, and work. It was clear that the bond she shares with her daughter is a special one indeed. She believes that she never had to make a choice between work and motherhood because she finds a friend in her daughter who is a source of strength. “I believe in quality time and I am certain I am doing a good job at giving that to my daughter,” She says with confidence.

“Despite the lack of support from society and criticism all around, it is always your will that makes you persevere and succeed,” She says. She lost the family support she had when she lost her parents but with patience, focus and the support of responsible employers, she kept fighting.  “I used to get those 911 calls from home when I would rush back, tend to my daughter and get back to work but my employers were always very understanding”. Multinational Companies now provide facilities like daycares and flexible working hours which stem from an understanding of the problems women face in our society. That is something that is still missing in smaller and local companies. According to Aysha, if a woman has the option of daycares, flexible hours and agile working, especially during the natal years it will make her contribution to work much more effective.

To be successful, Aysha believes one must keep going. “Never stop! Do not be afraid of mistakes. I have made mistakes and continue to do so but you learn from them. Do not let your mistakes beat you and keep going. As long as you’re moving in a certain direction you will reach somewhere,” she advises. Mistakes, after all, are proof that one is trying. It was her father’s strength that inspired her to be the woman she is today, taking challenges in stride and not succumbing to the problems life posed. With every new difficulty, she discovered new qualities and more positivity within herself.

Aysha stresses that a certain amount of ‘me’ time is essential for a person’s wellbeing. She believes in doing simple things like having a ritual for keeping her skin refreshed and cleansed, drinking lots of water throughout the day, and ensuring physical activity thrice a week. “I have started going for yoga classes because prevention is always better than cure. Also, the day my skin looks good and I’m wearing nice clothes, I feel energetic. The day I feel good about myself I’m ready to go and take on the world”.

Most people around her never believed that she could both raise a child and be successful at work. But her miracle moment proves that she has done an incredible job in both. She recalls the day she got a call from her daughter’s school that some parents want to meet the mother who is raising such a wonderful daughter was a magical feeling Aysha will never forget.


She ends by proclaiming, “I believe in love, I believe in magic, and I believe in miracles”.  Her spirit is evident in those words and it’s obvious that there is a great deal of magic about her.