Narissa Dharani

Narisa Dharani never imagined that she would be where she is today. Ten years ago, her circumstances put her on the crossroads of a difficult choice, and being the eldest daughter of her family she decided to make the brave choice. When she lost her father while she was still doing her bachelors from the US she decided that she needed to step up. “The first challenge was dealing with younger siblings and a mother who was very dependent on my father,” she recalls. “I returned to Pakistan not much later. I joined office and was spoilt by everyone there which soon made me realize that they thought I wasn’t capable enough.”

 Narisa, who is the Managing Director of Electropolymers Pvt. Ltd is not someone to shy away from a challenge. She was twenty three years old, she had just lost her father, she had to support her family, and to top it all off she was heading a business in a completely male dominated industry that she knew very little about. She went into a brief period of uncertainty when she was constantly referred to as a child who doesn’t know much. But with the support of her friends and family she got through each hurdle one step at a time. Narisa says with tears in her eyes that, “my dream was always to work under the supervision and guidance of my father. But being at his office without him, and that too being such a young boss, heading a staff of almost two hundred was a bit strange in the beginning.” She believes that all those difficulties have made her into a much better and stronger person today.

She has also come to the realization that her entire journey would have been much easier had she been a man. “From being accepted in the role of a boss, to being able to get the job done through dosti yaari, I feel that everything is a little easier for men. Had I been a man I would still have achieved everything I have today but probably much sooner,” says Narisa.

Independence is the ingredient that transforms a young girl into a strong woman according to Narisa. She believes that being out there in the world, meeting people, taking decisions, getting exposed to the realities of life are what makes a woman take control of their lives. Today she is extremely proud that she has managed the responsibility of her two younger sisters so well. “My miracle moment was when I sent my sisters to college. And now one has graduated and the other will soon graduate.” Narisa’s advice to young girls is that while it may sound clichéd, intense focus and hard work will enable them to achieve absolutely anything.

 She takes care of herself by watching what she eats and unashamedly using the products available in the market. “I am very particular about my serums and my night creams and my eye creams,” she says with a smile. And while caring for herself is something that she needs to do in order to be fully productive, Narisa loves taking care of people close to her. Her mother, siblings, grandparents or whoever else needs her finds her to be there. The fact that she left a budding life in the US to return to Pakistan for the sake of her family is evidence of why she is a Miracle Woman today. With determination, a woman can make the seemingly impossible very much possible.