Sabina Diwan

Sabina is the embodiment of positivity and is someone who knows how to make the best out of whatever life has to offer. She turned the challenges life posed into a career that she loves and is extremely passionate about.  She started her journey in the field of education over three decades ago as a nursery teacher and then progressed over the years to teaching at the elementary level. Eventually she specialized in helping children with language and learning issues and it was when her youngest son was diagnosed with dyslexia in 1997 that she adopted this as her specialization. She believes that helping students with writing skills is her main forte and is happy that she is doing what she loves. “When you are in a profession you think you are born for, it is not just your work. It is also your comfort zone, which helps you stay refreshed and going.” She is now the director of Leads Academy in Karachi.

It is admirable that despite facing various challenges with her dyslexic son she says “life wasn’t very tough for me”. Though she had never planned to be working as much as she works now, the real challenge for her was the role of a housewife. “I think life unfolds and reveals what you are destined to do in this world. My job is to impart my knowledge and do my best with my students under my tutelage. You have to do what is best in circumstances given. There are always difficulties but you have to learn how to find your strength” she comments.

Her advice to young women stepping into the workforce is to be committed to the goals they have set for themselves while ensuring that a balance is maintained where the home-life is concerned. Therefore, it is important to have children when you are ready to take the responsibility and give your children the time that they deserve. Juggling one’s work and home is not easy but with determination, she feels it is possible. Working from home helped her strike that critical balance between her role as a mother and a professional teacher. She urges all young girls to get education, regardless of the income strata they belong to. “It is this education which will give them the financial independence and emotional stability that is so essential in today’s day and age. A financially dependent woman is shoved around, battered and badgered.” she says with conviction.

Sabina works seven days a week, and to stay beautiful and healthy she makes sure she keeps physically active by practicing yoga and going for walks. She enjoys using products such as scrubs and moisturizers to maintain the quality of her skin.

Sabina strongly believes a happy woman makes a happy home. “A woman is the nucleus of the family. If the woman is dissatisfied, the vibes go to the children and you are destroying generations.” For her, the key to that happiness is being self aware and honest with herself.  Her miracle moment is every time a non-reader reads. That is when her dream turns into reality and makes her fall in love with her job all over again. Sabina’s journey is an inspiration for all women who try to make sure they succeed not just at home but also at their workplace despite all challenges that life may throw at them. With strong women like her leading the education sector country, we can envision a brighter and a more determined Pakistan.