Amina Siddiquii

Amina Siddiqi believes in equality between men and women not only in intellect but also in the perusal of dreams. In her opinion, it translates to men and women complementing each other rather than competing to be the same in every aspect.

She lives that philosophy everyday as she juggles the roles of a being a speech therapist, managing the ‘Ziauddin College of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences’ as principal, and being a mother of three. What keeps her going is the immense support she gets from her family. “I have a wonderful family who support me in everything I do. I have complete freedom of mind to pursue what I want to accomplish”, she says while adding that, “The one major challenge I do face is the lack of awareness about my profession. I have been in this field for twenty five years and though there is vast improvement now, people still need to be educated about speech and language therapy.”

She talks about how, in her field of work, one gets to experience small miracle moments on a regular basis. “There are so many moments in my life where I have dealt with a patient with severe speech impediments and that has made me thank God for who I and where I am.”

She recalls a time she had to choose between motherhood and work. Her pregnancy brought along complications that needed to be addressed and that put a stop to her work life. She does, however, feel that there is an ever present feeling of guilt that she experiences about not giving enough time to her children. But a supporting family and an outlook built on positivity has helped her calibrate her emotions.

Amina urges women to step forward in contribution to society. She ends by asserting “I think women must contribute whenever possible. It is not necessary to earn big or become a big name. It is, however, important to reach self-actualization by using your talents and abilities to their maximum.”