Aminah Sultan

Soft spoken and not one to give up, Aminah Sultan is currently the owner of 2 labels, ‘Kinky Lingerie’ and ‘Aminah Sultan Couture’ in Karachi. In addition to running 2 businesses, she is also a mother of a set of triplets but despite having her plate full to the brim, she has the exceptional talent of managing it all with an impeccable attitude.

Aminah recalls how it was the complete opposite of easy when she started her lingerie label. When running such a business one has to keep the cultural limitations of the Pakistani society in mind. “My first struggle was to have lingerie recognized as an integral part of the fashion industry. I had to explain the meaning of bridal lingerie wherever I went when I was starting off and there were many times when I thought of just giving it all up. My passion to make this a success however, kept me going.” She also comments on the struggles she had with advertising her product. “My adverts couldn’t be blatant given the cultural sensitivities of this country. I could not get any models who were ready to wear my product and pose for pictures. Magazines were not ready to print such pictures. I would lose my determination momentarily and it was frustrating sometimes. But then I decided to just have fashion shows at my own place and invite everyone I knew to advertise and show the products I have created with love and sincerity,” she explains.

Since the very ambitious Aminah became a mother 7-8 years after launching her brand, she did not find managing work with motherhood exceptionally difficult. She believes the smoothness of her journey was made possible by the supportive family she has. “My husband and in-laws were by my side at every difficult turn and I want to thank them for that,” she says. Without their support she thinks it is hard for women to manage a career with home, which affects her children. She also attributes her success to the women in her life. “I have two moms and I have been raised by both of them. One is solely responsible for my sense of style and fashion and the other one completely kept me grounded my entire life. They have contributed to different aspects of my personality and have shaped the person I am today. I love them for whatever they have done for me,” says Aminah gratefully.  

Aminah also believes that for women to remain to be the strongest pillars in the family, they ought to take care of themselves. ““We are the backbones of our families”. When the going gets tough, we need all the reserves to fall back on, so we must build on them! Every day is a new struggle so taking some time off once in a while helps me get back on the track.” How does Aminah ensure that? She loves going to salons, getting her hair done, and going to the gym to maintain her health. Sometimes, she does feel weak, but her faith keeps her going.

Describing herself as honest, Aminah does not waver or cut corners once she has made a commitment. Staying focussed will make you win the game according to her. “Don’t worry about not being in the limelight. Your good work will speak for itself.” She’s made mistakes in the past, but those mistakes were actually blessings in disguise that helped her evolve into a person.  Identifying her Miracle Moment to be the birth of her triplets, Aminah Sultan inspires women to pour their heart and soul into whatever they do to achieve miracles of their own.  It is indeed their sheer hard work