Mehr Tareen

I have to-do lists for the week and on Sunday I realize I didn’t get any of the things done. Every Monday morning, I feel I can’t go on anymore.” But Mehr manages to pull through every time and the cycle continues. 2 years ago, Mehr, along with her partner Sameena Khan, started a glossy magazine called ‘Paper Magazine.” They were then approached by ‘Pakistan Today’ to rebrand their weekly magazine. It was quite a dilemma since Mehr was pregnant with her second child and had to give time to family, but the opportunity was too good to pass. Cheerful and bubbly by nature, Mehr has the conviction and foresight to look at the bigger picture and after discussion with her partner they decided to go for it. Today, Mehr is the publishing editor of the popular and trend-setting weekly ‘Paperazzi’.

“Your focus changes once you become a mother. But what you need to do is push yourself harder, organize yourself, and prioritise what is important. There are times when you will have to choose between motherhood and work. Tomorrow is my daughter’s 7th birthday and the first day of a fashion week. I will miss the fashion week and it will not be the end of the world.” Mehr gives maximum time to her children while they are up but after their bedtime it’s all about self-love. She unwinds with TV shows, reads books, and hangs out with friends and family. She feels the older she gets, the more she needs to give herself a break and relax. Her house, according to her, is a ‘madhouse’. A large family; 4 siblings, very hands on parents and a lot of love that goes around. Mehr’s mother is her best friend. She has always been there for her, pushing her to be the best version of herself, and catching her whenever she has fallen.

Initially, Mehr and Sameena used to get sleepless nights over every typo and missed deadline. But with Paperazzi they changed their pace completely. Mehr realized that mistakes happen, and that they didn’t have to be as hard on themselves as they were. With experience, they have learnt how to deal with people, customers, and compensations. Mehr recalls that “once the binding of the magazine wasn’t done properly and it was falling apart and I was having a panic attack. I felt like quitting at that moment. There have been many moments when we wanted to quit. Once we reached our 100th issue we knew that we were in control and we could do this.”

Mehr’s children are her little miracles. She has watched her children grow and as they all mature and develop their distinctive personalities it makes her proud. Her magazine is something that has shaped her life. She remembers how she and her partner could not even have imagined running a weekly magazine. There were fights, logistical problems, and breakdowns but they always kept on pushing. What is important for her is to strive for progress and not perfection. She believes that if one pursues progress then every setback and every challenge is motivation to work even harder. The day they published their 100th issue was a major miracle moment for her. A whole campaign was organized around the 100th issue which became a huge social media success. Now, Paperazzi is on its 160th issue and the pressure is on. But seeing how Mehr has tackled every challenge thrown her way so far, we are convinced that she is going waltz her way to many bigger successes.