Eram Masood

Erum Irshad Mowjee believes everyone should follow their passion whenever they find it and wherever they find it. Her mantra in life has been to follow her instincts and do whatever feels good. “I have been super lucky with my decisions. I went for a free Pilates class and just fell in love with it. It’s the best exercise you can do at any stage of life”, she says. She is now a yogilates instructor which is a combination of yoga and Pilates. She also runs a store by the name of ‘The Seed Company’ that sells seeds to be taken as part of a healthy diet. It is visible on Erum’s face how dedicated she is to her work as she talks about it with happiness prominent on her glowing face.

Erum has been a successful yoga instructor for fifteen years now and is in a position to guide young women about how to make good life choices. Being a working woman herself, Erum believes in financial independence for women. “A woman truly comes into her own when she is financially and emotionally independent. It is a luxury to have these both in our society and that is why I think so many women lack confidence. The independence gives you a chance to be yourself rather than suppressing who you are. For example, a woman who is financially independent will be less likely to stay in an abusive relationship just for monetary security.”

Erum believes that life is a journey. It is not about what you have achieved today but rather how you have arrived here and where you are going next. Being a yoga instructor, it is not surprising that Erum has found contentment in her journey so far. “I am very pleased with my journey,” she says. “It has not been the easiest one but I have been very blessed and have managed to overcome all obstacles that came my way.” The highlight of her life so far, and her miracle moment, has been witnessing the success of her children. Erum says that she has been lucky to have been able to participate in the success of her children and now life has brought her the opportunity to take care of her mother. Erum’s mother has grown a beautiful and successful daughter. Like every mother, Erum talks about the zest her mother worked with to ensure that Erum always had the best but now it is time that Erum returns all that kindness to her. “Put your feet up mom, relax, and have a good time. It is your time now,” she says with a smile.

Having lost friends to Breast Cancer, Erum wishes for more awareness about the topic and for women to open up about it more. Breast cancer is a sensitive topic in society as it effects a physical part of a woman that is constantly sexualized. According to Erum, a woman feels like she has lost her dignity when she goes through this emotionally and physically draining disease. Cancer doesn’t affect an individual only, but the whole family so it is essential that people are given awareness on how to check and test themselves and are also advised on how to provide support to their loved ones.

Erum reminisces about her younger self and wishes she hadn’t stressed out as much about things back in the days that don’t matter now. If she could, she’d tell her younger self to train her mind to see the good things and body to feel the good things. Given what she has achieved in life, we believe that Erum may not need to time travel to give any message to her younger self. Her life has brought her here today as a Miracle Women and she stands as an example for young women to follow.