Riffat Alliani

“Act as if everything is rigged in your favour.”This quote by Rumi has been the guiding principle in life for the very talented Riffat Alliani. Trained as a painter and having a ten-year experience as a professional graphic designer, Riffat is currently running a fashion label with the name of Dragonfly. As a fashion designer and a mother of 3 children, she has her hands full for sure but with her passion, family support and a reliable team she can trust, Riffat combats the day to day challenges of life with panache. “I think as a mother the biggest challenge is time, to fit in the requirements of work and family.” However, Riffat made a decision from the outset that her family comes first so that she doesn’t have any regrets in that department. She carefully plans her day in a way that she is home during the hours her children need her most. 

Riffat believes that on the one hand, financial independence is very empowering for a woman but on the other, it can also prove to be problematic. “Women have to deal with male egos,” she explains, “I have seen many marriages break up where the wife was more successful than the husband.” Therefore, it is her advice for women is to tread upon this path with caution. She also adds that “I am a traditionalist and I believe roles are clearly defined for a reason. If that is understood, we can have harmonious relationships. Having said that, I think times have changed and roles are evolving. It is becoming more important that both spouses contribute. It’s helpful and it’s a need due to times. Personally, I found my independence to have a positive impact on my marriage.” Emotionally, however, she says we all depend on each other for love, care and support and that being emotionally independent is not possible.

Riffat proclaims that she is a creative person and if not given an avenue to express her creativity, she would feel suppressed. She believes that the happiness of everyone around her rests on whether or not she as a person is content. Her own happiness will radiate love and care for her family. Therefore, every woman must be given the chance to pursue her passions for her mental and emotional wellbeing, whether or not that generates an income. In a way, working in a field that allows you to do something you love, makes you put yourself first, since you do it for your own benefit. She feels rewarded when her clients give their feedback on the outfits she designs for them. “They text me saying they got compliments when they wore my clothes. That makes me feel so good. I make people happy even if it is in a materialistic way.” Riffat says with a proud smile. For her, those texts are her Miracle Moments.

With a charming smile Riffat says, “Women can look really radiant and beautiful without surgery and makeup. It has to do with inner contentment, when you are inwardly gathered, it shows. When you see happy people, they look beautiful.” Hence, she does not rely on too many products or cosmetics to look as beautiful as she is. She admires women who accept their age with grace and trusts natural products more such as almond and coconut oil. She keeps her skin moisturized and practices yoga.

Faith and trust has gotten Riffat a long way. “There is benevolent design in the universe so if one has faith, success will follow,” proclaims Riffat. “Enjoy your work and don’t be attached to outcomes.” Her journey bears testament to the fact that if a woman masters the art of time-management, she can pursue her dreams and nurture a happy home environment simultaneously. When priorities are clearly defined, failure needn’t be worried about.