Sehr Kazmi

With a heart of gold and a cheerful demeanor, Miracle Woman Sehr Kazmi knows well how to juggle motherhood and work. “I am a mother of twins and with that I am working with my mother in law, helping her in her business as one of the most prestigious fashion designer houses in Pakistan. I am loving every bit of it at the moment,” she says with contentment. The foundation of the family business was laid by the senior Mrs.Kazmi, passed down to her daughter Bunto Kazmi, who has now the support of her daughter in law, Sehr, to take the business forward and achieve new heights. “I want to build on the strong foundation laid by them, bringing innovation and fresh outlooks to the designs. I don’t ever want to disappoint them,” explains Sehr when talking about her ambitions.

While Sehr believes prioritizing is the key to success and that is exactly what helps her manage each day as it comes, her life is not free of challenges. In carving her career path, she does feel bogged down sometimes because of the demands she has to meet as a mother. “Looking after 2 babies is difficult and sometimes weak moments take over when I want to give up,” explains Sehr. However, because of the support of her husband and in laws and the sense of positivity instilled in her by her mother, she snaps out of pessimism very quickly. “I am learning how to turn every obstacle into a non-obstacle and every defeat a learning ground. The point is to keep moving forward and not letting difficult situations to pull you down. You should just focus on yourself and your work. Worrying about what others are doing will never take you anywhere,” Sehr proclaims.

For Sehr, financial independence is crucial. “But it is also crucial to not forget your roles as a parent, as a daughter and as a partner in your efforts to achieve your goal. To me, a woman is not successful until she does justice to all her relationships, personal or professional,” believes Sehr. She feels that today, everyone is in rat race, trying to beat the rest and are oblivious to their surroundings. “Achievements taste the sweetest when they are shared with your loved ones,” she says with a smile.

While she loves her work, Sehr’s Miracle Moment is her set of twins. “Shaping them into free thinking girls in a world where there are so many norms to follow is my miracle moment.” Sehr is an amazing mother, values all her relationships and is extremely dedicated to her work. She is what she is today because of her mother. “I am what I am because of the unrelenting love and tolerance shown towards me by my mother. I love her more than anything in the world,” says Sehr with emotions twinkling in her eyes. Indeed, to have a daughter as loving and as strong as Sehr, it takes a devoted mother and exceptional parenting. There is no doubt in the fact that when Sehr’s daughters grow up, they will be her best reflection and much more.