Atiqa Habib

“I recently had a very big moment of weakness and couldn’t overcome it. I walked past my favorite ice cream shop, thought I wouldn’t eat it, but I ended up having 2 scoops instead,” chuckles Atiqa Habib. She is a woman who is high on life and knows how to live each moment despite going through various difficult periods in her life.  In addition to being a gemologist and designer by profession, she is also on the board of Habib University. She’s also involved with various charities, soup kitchens and funding educational institutions. 

It was her love for clothes and jewelry that compelled Atiqa to study fashion. With her children now grown up, she can pursue her passions and focus on her own career with full steam. “I started my first business when I was 25 with only six people for women wear in a small garage. It grew to 209 in two years.”  Such is the dedication and hard work with which she pursues her passions.

Atiqa believes in promoting the Pakistani economy but unfortunately when she started off, the technological skills required to make her jewelry were not available here. As a result, she had to move her workshops to Hong Kong and Bangkok. “Traveling, long distance communicating and managing the expense – it was all very difficult,” says Atiqa, but “I was set to cater to the gap in the market.” According to her, the jewelry available in Pakistan is either too expensive or the designs of the cheaper ranges are not appealing. “I want to give people a product which is good and valuable at a decent price.” Things will take a turn soon, she hopes, since she’s working on getting the latest machinery and trained staff to Pakistan.

While Atiqa believes every human being, man or woman, needs to be financial independent, emotional independence is something far more difficult to achieve. “We are emotional creatures. We can strive to be emotionally balanced but not independent.”

 Atiqa believes that every woman needs to take some time out for herself and that ‘me’ time is very necessary for her to be able to strike the critical balance between her professional and personal life. “To unwind, I like to watch a lot of HUM TV dramas!” she admits with a laugh.

The larger than life Atiqa chooses her children as her Miracle Moments. Though she loves her work very much, she decided to take some time off just be able to focus on her son and daughter when they were young. “I had to because I don’t believe in tuitions and leaving them like that and that’s why they are where they are. It’s a cliché, but my Miracle Moments are my kids and I love them more than anyone and anything else in the world.” Atiqa Habib is a vision of elegance and we’re hoping to see more of her fabulous jewelry and apparel designs soon!