Nida Adnan Tapal

“Moving from a salaried job and comfort of getting a pay cheque at the end of the month versus giving out that pay cheque at the first of the month has been a tough ride.” Miracle woman Nida, holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from LUMS and worked for Shell Pakistan for about 8 years in HR and Corporate Branding before moving towards doing something of her own. It was motherhood that made her quit her full time job and mull over what to do next. Currently, she is the Creative Director at Delphi.

“For me, my home and children always came first.” After quitting her job at Shell, Nida realized she had an opportunity to pick up her family business and apply her experience and education to turn it into something exceptional. Relaunching it meant Nida would have to be patient for about 3-4 years and smooth out all the issues any business has in its stages of infancy. In a moment of weakness, she considered going back to working for a multinational. However, she was quick to push those thoughts aside and went on to revive the brand. The hard work paid off and she successfully re-launched it in 2010. She attributes her success to her husband and supportive friends and family, as she believes that every woman needs a good support system to succeed in life.

At Delphi, Nida caters to a niche market and produces crochet based clothing. Nida has put in a lot of effort streamlining a business which is based on the talents and crafts of women. There have been highs and lows, a lot of times she has to take her work home, there is a considerable amount of stress, but so far she has managed to balance her work and family. How does she do it? “By switching off, and compartmentalising. I’ve divided my day. I give some time to working out every day because if you feel good mentally and physically then you are able to give 100% to what you do. Managing kids has also become easier since I’m the master of my own time.” Her friends who work in banks shut their computers off at 6 O’ clock, till the next morning, but handling a business is different and you need to work for it round the clock. “The challenge was really to focus my time and learn to stop thinking about work when I’m at home as a mother and wife,” she explains. According to Nida, women who are financially independent do not only have self respect but are also respected by their families and children.

Growing up, Nida wanted to be many things: Architect, Interior Designer etc. She took a career counselling test when she turned 16, which helped her get an understanding of where her skills lie. She owes it to her mother for always keeping her focused and giving her the strength to be independent. Nida’s advice for young girls is “perseverance, perseverance and perseverance. Don’t give up because hard work always pays off and try to help people as much as one can. Good karma comes back. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Look for opportunities always. Never shut a door. It’s helped me in whatever I’ve done as a mother, entrepreneur and as a wife. Don’t give up and don’t say no, try everything.”

Nida has had a series of highlights in her life. Graduating from LUMS, getting into Shell and becoming a mother are just a few of them. Her ‘eureka moment’, as she describes it, was when she quit her 9-5 job. She didn’t want to stay idle and waste her talent and education. Looking back, she recalls what her trigger was. She says “I remember my mother was meeting a client and I thought, why don’t I sell this and take on this particular thing in my life and take it forward. That has to be the Miracle Moment for me because that changed the course of my life.” Nida Tapal’s journey bears testimony to the fact that when one door closes, several others open. One only needs to have the courage for pulling those doors open and creating something incredible out of what they may have to offer.