What is PMJ?

Pond’s Miracle Journey, the iconic movement now in its 4th year, has highlighted 330 high achieving women who have made breakthroughs in their many and varied professional fields. Over the course of 3 years, the movement has reached out to women from different backgrounds, who’ve had different struggles in their lives and have all worked in diverse careers. These women are all-rounders and winners. They shared their beautiful moments with Pond’s, trusting and giving out the secrets behind their success and wisdom that remains golden.

The Pond’s Miracle Women include some of the best female health professionals, professional trainers, entrepreneurs, beauticians, educationists and social activists. During the course of 3 years Pond’s gathered the one thing each women would’ve wanted differently was the right guidance early on in their journey to be a miracle today. This transformed the vision for the platform from recognizing to mentorship.

Having found the icing of Pakistan’s female power-ship, the Pond’s Miracle Journey is going on search to on board younger girls who can be mentored to flourish and become miracles like their role models. The establishment movement of the Pond’s Miracle Journey believes in growth and the ripple effect that comes from the transfer of knowledge.

The beauty of a journey is that it never ends and by moving toward the newer generation, Pond’s Miracle Journey is promising to keep the fire lit.